The Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start ProgramThe Fresh Start Program provides school age children with a complete set of new clothing, a gift card towards a new pair of shoes, and a backpack filled with school supplies to start the new school year. 

Do you remember...

  • The first day of school?
  • Your new outfit?
  • How good you felt?

Fresh Start was introduced to the Falmouth Service Center in 2005 by Kathy Hall of East Falmouth. After hearing of a similar program in Connecticut, she spearheaded a committee to bring this program to Falmouth through the Falmouth Service Center. In Fresh Start’s first year, 57 children were outfitted and received a backpack filled with school supplies. This school year, we were able to assist 301 Falmouth children. 

Fresh Start Program

Without The Fresh Start Program, the children YOU sponsor would not experience this excitement.

How can I help to support The Fresh Start Program?

***Large teen backpacks are currently needed! (see below for more information) - All donations needed by Friday, August 2nd!

  • Sponsor a Child
    Call 508-548-2794 to sponsor a child
    Encourage your faith community, school or community group, or employer to sponsor a child
  • Buy a Backpack (or two)

    We need large, dark backpacks (minimum of 17" h by 13" w by 10" deep or larger.)  The backpacks need to be able to hold a stack of school supplies including extra large binders.  Plain (not print), darker, more subdued colored backpacks are preferred. Black and grey are very popular colors, as is navy. The backpacks need to have padded straps and the straps need to be big enough for the arms of 12-18-year-olds.

  • Buy School Supplies  

    We are in need of the following:

    2" 3-ring binders

    folders (red, yellow, green, or blue)

    post-it notes (yellow 2" X 2")

    colored pencils

    Crayola markers:  Both for older students & younger students)

  • Volunteer Your Time
  • Make a Cash Donation Towards The Fresh Start Program

We wish we could share the joy we see when families pick up their backpacks and school clothes in August. This year, when you see those school buses in September, give yourself a hug. A child on that bus is a recipient of Fresh Start!

More questions?

If you have more questions about The Fresh Start Program, please call us at 508-548-2794 or email us.